Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project


The Johns Hopkins Tutorial Project is an after-school tutoring program that provides academic support for elementary school students (grades 1-5). Children are paired with Johns Hopkins University students and receive one-on-one tutoring in reading and math.


For nine to ten weeks each semester, approximately 120 children come to the Homewood campus twice a week for tutoring. The children are transported by either the program’s bus or by their families. An assessment is given to each child at the beginning of each semester. Based on the results of the assessment, trained tutors plan an hour and a half of activities and educational games that are specifically selected to meet each child’s needs. The children are also encouraged to express their creativity. 


There is an on-site computer lab and children’s library available to help provide individualized instruction for each child. Tutors are trained and supported throughout the semester by a full-time professional educator. Additional student staff oversee the progress of each tutor-tutee pair to ensure that they are receiving the support, guidance, and resources that are needed to reach academic success.

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