Midtown Community Benefits District



The Midtown Community Benefits District provides services to more than 4,000 properties across the 144 blocks of Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park, and Mount Vernon. Continuously evaluating the needs of each community, we strive to ensure our team responds to requests in a productive and timely manner. Our agile team works to meet a wide range of needs, working closely with constituents to monitor areas of concern and plan accordingly when locations require more significant service.

  • Maintains 20+ acres of public greenspaces, including 25 parks

  • Provides tree and tree pit stewardship, including mulching, pruning, and watering

  • Supports community tree and park stewardship through various channels

    • Assists community associations (and/or groups) with tree plantings and pruning events

    • Promotes tree and park stewardship by sharing best practices with a goal towards increasing community involvement

    • Promotes certification opportunities through public and private partners

  • Provides seasonal leaf removal service

  • Offers sustainable green waste removal collection

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