Believe in Art


Art therapy is a growing field which involves creative outlets for personal and emotional support.  It’s an evidence-based therapy practice that focuses on improving well-being and emotional health through expressive arts project.  There have been countless studies proving the benefits of expressive arts and art therapy in many populations and we’re excited to share art activities with a wide range of people in the Baltimore community.  With the unique opportunity of partnering with the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Believe in Tomorrow, Ronald McDonald House, Keswick Assisted Living Center, and Karina Cafe, Believe in Art focuses on serving the community through art therapy. Members are closely involved with patients and family members by facilitating arts and crafts projects.  Service trips occur weekly or monthly depending on the community partner. The service opportunities expose our volunteers to various levels of patient contact, as well as provide experience in both the medical and artistic fields.

Another facet of the club works with spreading awareness of art therapy within the Hopkins community through arts events, club collaborations, and on-campus events.  Everyone can benefit from art therapy, whether it's patients at the Hospital, people with disabilities, our volunteers, or undergraduates on campus.

The Believe in Art organization was originally created as an attempt to expand the “Art Cart Project” at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. It was then combined with the “Believe in Tomorrow” organization so that it could cater a wider range of locations within the Hospital grounds. The initiative’s goal is to both raise awareness regarding Visual Arts (drawing, painting, crafting), as well as improve the emotional conditions of children and adults in the Hospital’s waiting areas. The founders of the organizations believe that such program will benefit greatly the patients, as well as its volunteers. Patients will engage in artistic activities that are meant to aid them in times of suffering, while volunteers will exercise artistic skills and will be given the opportunity to analyze the positive impacts that art can deliver in non-artistic settings. The club ultimately increases awareness of the importance of the art in our community.


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