Circle K at Johns Hopkins University


Circle K at JHU is a fun and flexible community service group geared towards exposing our members to a variety of volunteer opportunities around Baltimore. Our 3 main tenets are service, fellowship, and leadership. We work with many different populations (children, elderly, homeless, etc.) and engage in a multitude of activities (gardening, carnivals/fairs, cooking, healthcare/blood drives, tutoring, fundraising, and many others). We offer our members a way to make a large impact on the community, gain service and leadership skills, and of course, have fun!


Circle K also benefits from its place in a global community. Like Key Club, Circle K is an international service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Joining this organization puts you in contact with members of a community dedicated to service around the world and will allow you to continue volunteering even after graduating, as there are chapters outside of the collegiate level. We want to be the leading global community service organization on college campuses and enrich the world- one member, one child, and one community at a time.


107 People | 668 Impacts | 1,399 Hours