Our mission is to change the way students think about politics and interact with each other. 

IDEAL CAMPUS, the foundation of the organization, is based on student civic engagement. Unique in its ability to provide students a place to grapple with difficult issues, IDEAL CAMPUS aims to establish a the paradigm for a new generation of civic discourse and civic engagement, and we believe the answers lie in our incredible students.

IDEAL MEDIA, or Cherry Tree, applies this philosophy to its critical, thought provoking publications, podcasts, and live-interviews, in an effort to change the nature of the modern media. Cherry Tree is excited to bring a creative and innovative approach to journalism and news media.

IDEAL does not see a search for truth as an impediment to political success, but rather a mutually beneficial, communal excavation project. We are both saddened by the modern political climate, and eager to help search for a new IDEAL. 

To get involved with IDEAL at Johns Hopkins University please contact Christina Iruela Lane at


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