Thread harnesses the power of relationships to create a new social fabric of diverse individuals deeply engaged with young people facing the most significant opportunity and achievement gaps. Our community is committed to ending social isolation and building a more equitable culture in which everyone thrives.

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Volunteering with Thread: 
Thread connects volunteers from the community with students who are struggling academically across Baltimore City. Rather than focusing in on tutoring or mentorship we attempt to build strong relationships across lines of difference where both our volunteers and our young people are learning from each other. And we stick with our students for 10 years after their Freshman year of high school which means that we are deeply invested in their education and transition into adulthood. 

We are a completely virtual volunteering opportunity and will stay that way until COVID is no longer a concern. We put our time commitment at 1-2 hours a week but the schedule you make is completely up to you! As long as you are connecting with your young person once a week and showing up with honesty then that is all we ask! While our students are with Thread for 10 years our volunteers only commit to a year when they sign on in order to give our students as much consistency as possible. And we will be accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the year! 

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