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At the Centro SOL Mentoring and Tutoring Program, we believe that Latinx youth are the key to realizing our vision for equitable and culturally competent healthcare for the Latinx community. Because of this belief, we started a Summer Scholars Program. A five week program that gives Latinx youth an insight into the healthcare and medical field. However, the support that the Latinx youth needed was far greater than what the program could offer. We know that high school can be a difficult time for any teenager, but the Latinx youth are often left to navigate a system as first generation students and without the extra support from their schools. In turn, we created the mentoring and tutoring program to provide the Latinx youth with yearlong support throughout their secondary education; in hopes of leveling the playing field.

With the Mentoring and Tutoring Program, Centro SOL aims to empower Latinx youth by connecting them with:

  • Mentors that can offer meaningful guidance and support. More specifically, we aim for mentors to enlighten students about the college application process, financial aid, course selection, homework help, employment opportunities, and other topics as deemed necessary.
  • Tutors that provide academic assistance in specific subject areas.
247 People | 925 Impacts | 1,324 Hours | 37,775 Total Economic Impact

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