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Mission The Farm Alliance of Baltimore is a membership organization of urban farms, neighborhood growers, and friends. We use connection, resource sharing, and collective advocacy with respect to food, land and water to expand communities’ self-determination and power.

History The idea for a network of Baltimore’s urban farms grew out of informal farmer gatherings and existing collaborations. With help from an Open Society Institute Community Fellowship and a USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education grant, the group began to take shape in fall 2011 with Maya Kosok coordinating the effort. Areas of Focus While there are many long-term goals and big ideas for the Farm Alliance, some of the areas we are focusing on this season include: Farm standards Expanding the reach of our food access programs, including Double Dollars More training & workshops for beginning farmers Why Local, Why Now, Why the Alliance? Amidst growing concerns of obesity, the economy, and climate change, locally sourced produce is a unique way to support our health, our community, and our planet.  farms? Have a question? Contact us!

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