Democracy Day


Democracy Day is a collaborative campus-wide series of events featuring educational opportunities and civic programming for undergraduates, with four primary goals: 

  1. Introduce first-year students to JHU’s academic and co/extra-curricular opportunities for democratic engagement, including through direct interactions with JHU faculty;
  2. Develop an intellectual foundation for students to explore the rights and responsibilities of democratic engagement during their time at Johns Hopkins, impressing upon first-year students that democracy’s important and the skills and habits they develop at JHU matter for its future, regardless of their anticipated academic major, career path, or country of origin;
  3. Enable students to immediately partake in initiatives designed to build a culture of intellectual and practical exploration and engagement; and
  4. Lay the foundation for students to create their own path of democratic engagement throughout their time at the university. 
845 People | 948 Impacts | 4,497 Hours | 128,337 Total Economic Impact